A Recap of BlockchainSpace and War Legends’ Online Tournament: GUILD WARS

April 9, 2023

Twenty-six teams from seventeen guilds clashed in a high-stakes metaverse showdown.

BlockchainSpace, the premier global hub for play-to-earn and play-and-earn communities, has taken a significant step forward by organizing its first-ever non-Axie Infinity online tournament. This groundbreaking event features War Legends, a military-themed Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) game and metaverse. With its native cryptocurrency, the $WAR token, and NFT utilization, War Legends is poised to redefine the play-to-earn gaming landscape.

The GUILD WARS Tournament: A Battle for Supremacy

BlockchainSpace and War Legends’ inaugural GUILD WARS online tournament brought together top guilds from around the globe to compete in high-stakes, high-intensity all-out battles! With a single-elimination bracket that includes best-of-three matches, it was an excitement-packed event showcasing the best in play-to-earn gaming.

Metasports, a leading platform for metaverse sports coverage, provided fans with an exclusive broadcast of the War Legends online tournament. This exciting partnership allowed viewers to experience the intensity of the competition and witness the incredible skill and teamwork displayed by the participating guilds.

Top Teams and Winners: Celebrating Excellence

The tournament, which ran from March 23–25, 2023, saw fierce competition, with SLG emerging as the ultimate victor. NFTxStreet secured second place, CTG Black, HYG Panther 2, Metanomy, CTG 2, NoWHereToBeFound (Morfyus), and AGG, rounding out the top eight teams.

Each guild was eager to prove its mettle and claim the coveted top spot in the tournament. We thank and honor all those who participated in this legendary event. We look forward to seeing you all back for the next one!

GuildHub Badges: A Lasting Legacy

In recognition of their achievements, the top-performing teams were awarded special GuildHub badges. These badges testify to the participants’ skill, dedication, and sportsmanship. They will undoubtedly inspire other play-and-earn gamers to participate and reach new heights in future tournaments.

BlockchainSpace’s first non-Axie Infinity online tournament has undoubtedly set the stage for many exciting events. The collaboration between BlockchainSpace, War Legends, and Metasports has created an engaging and competitive environment that is both fun for the participants and entertaining for the viewers. As play-to-earn gaming continues to evolve and expand, events like these will propel the industry forward and establish a new era of gaming for generations to come.

Take your chance to join the action in future War Legends tournaments! To stay informed and learn how to command your own tank, visit War Legends on Discord, Twitter, and Telegram for the latest news and updates.

Keep an eye on our social media channels to stay in the loop about all upcoming tournaments and exciting partnerships in play-to-earn gaming. The battlefield awaits — join us and become a part of the action!

About War Legends

War Legends is a military-themed Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) game and metaverse built on blockchain technology that implements play-to-earn mechanics. It has its native cryptocurrency, the $WAR token, and utilizes NFTs.

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