BlockchainSpace and Degen Guild Join Forces to Empower Play-to-Earn Gamers

March 1, 2023

Degen Guild and BlockchainSpace have joined forces to create a new partnership that will enable more gamers to experience the future of play-to-earn gaming.

Degen Guild is an esports play to earn guild, building a bridge between the Web2 & Web3 gaming communities to facilitate mass adoption of P2E blockchain games.

Their goal is to create maximum returns for Degen Guild members & investors by increasing the value of their token, $GRIND, through the growth of their community.

Degen Guild’s development roadmap includes several exciting features, including a leveling-up system for scholars, a scholarship management system, $GRIND token launch, staking system, Degen marketplace, Degen Arena, and lootboxes.

The partnership with BlockchainSpace will help the guild with their goal to onboard the next 10,000 gamers and invest in the best web3 games. With a shared vision for the future of play-to-earn gaming, the partnership is poised to empower more gamers and game companies alike.

About Degen Guild
Degen Guild’s mission is to bridge web2 and web3 gamers to seamlessly play P2E games. Educate and build a community of gamers to help them play & earn.

Degen Guild facilitates access to valuable assets or opportunities in games that may be otherwise out of reach for ordinary players. By allocating those assets to key talented players, we are able to access higher returns from their participation inside of web3 gaming ecosystems than single players otherwise could.

Website | Twitter | Discord

About BlockchainSpace
BlockchainSpace empowers web3 communities to scale through its innovative solutions and products for guild leaders, gamers, creators, and everyone in between.

Our flagship product, GuildHub, helps guilds and creators build, manage, and reward engaged communities.

BlockchainSpace also offers data and infrastructure, tooling and automation systems, and bridges to financial services. Backed by big names in web3, the team is dedicated to helping partners maximize their community’s potential.

To date, we have been enabling more than 26,000 guilds and 4 million+ players worldwide to unlock a better and more connected new world.

Get updated on our latest product releases, events, and more:

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