Enter the Dark Fantasy World of Artellium with BlockchainSpace and Cross the Ages

February 24, 2023
BlockchainSpace and Cross the Ages partner up to unleash a unique blockchain gaming experience with this fun-to-play trading card game!

Welcome to a world where history and fantasy collide. Where factions clash in a dystopian world, battling for supremacy in epic duels. And where the power of blockchain technology enhances the gaming experience like never before.

The Continent of Artellium is waiting for you, GUIDLers! Our newest partnership with the legendary trading card game Cross the Ages is your ticket to enter this dark fantasy world!

BlockchainSpace, the world’s largest hub for play-to-earn guilds and Web3 communities, strives to provide the most exciting and engaging games for its millions of gamers. We are thrilled to join all of you on this magnificent journey through the Cross the Ages metaverse. Backed by major players in the Web3 space, such as Animoca Brands and The Sandbox, as well as powerhouse gaming companies Ubisoft and Square Enix, we are certain that everyone in our community is going to feel the energy coming from this collaboration.

Through this partnership, BlockchainSpace and Cross the Ages are introducing co-branded packs that include ten random digital cards, ranging from common to rare, and early access opportunities to exclusive events. These packs, reserved solely for the BlockchainSpace Communities, also include $CTA token allocations capped at 100 for only US$0.50 per token. In addition to these offerings, players can participate in in-game quests, and earn even more rewards.

As leading players in the Web3 space, BlockchainSpace and Cross the Ages are dedicated to creating new opportunities for guilds, gamers, and everyone worldwide. Together, we will continue to shape the future through innovative approaches to gaming and engaging the community.

We couldn’t be more thrilled to partner with Cross the Ages and introduce our community to the incredible world of Artellium. This partnership is just the beginning of what we know will be a long, exciting journey to revolutionize trading card games and the immersive worlds they create. We can’t wait to see what the future holds!

We at BlockchainSpace are very excited about this partnership and look forward to achieving our shared vision of creating new opportunities in Web3 globally. To follow the progress of this partnership, remember to check out our Twitter and Discord!

About Cross the Ages

Cross The Ages (CTA) is a mobile-first collectible card game set in a dystopian clash of worlds, based on seven fantasy and science fiction novels. Players compete individually and in teams for valuable NFTs while going on Metaverse quests to discover priceless ‘easter eggs’ hidden in the novels. CTA, built on blockchain technology, offers a full value cycle from mobile gaming to desktop gaming, then finally to physical collectible cards, leveraging near-field communication technology.

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About BlockchainSpace
BlockchainSpace empowers web3 communities to scale through its innovative solutions and products for guild leaders, gamers, creators, and everyone in between.

Our flagship product, GuildHub, helps guilds and creators build, manage, and reward engaged communities.

BlockchainSpace also offers data and infrastructure, tooling and automation systems, and bridges to financial services. Backed by big names in web3, the team is dedicated to helping partners maximize their community’s potential.

To date, we have been enabling more than 26,000 guilds and 4 million+ players worldwide to unlock a better and more connected new world.

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