What’s New in YEY version 1.2?

November 14, 2023

Create, manage & reward your communities with YEY’s new self-service features for community owners.

BlockchainSpace, a pivotal platform in the creator economy, has recently announced the release of YEY version 1.2, marking a significant evolution from its predecessor.

Jonathan Wong, the Head of Product at BlockchainSpace, describes this new iteration as a leap forward in empowering creators and community owners, offering them unprecedented autonomy and ease of use.

YEY’s journey began during the excitement of the 2023 FIBA Basketball World Cup, with its initial release serving as the brand’s introduction to the world. It was a pioneering step, tying blockchain technology with one of the globe’s most unifying events. The interim release focused on refining the user experience and interface, addressing the early feedback from the community.

Self-Onboarding: A Game-Changer for Creators

With the launch of version 1.2 on 14th November 2023, BlockchainSpace is set to reshape how creators engage with blockchain technology.

Wong highlights the cornerstone feature of this update: self-onboarding. For the first time, creators and community owners will have the ability to independently set up their presence on the platform. This move towards a self-service model is a monumental shift from the earlier versions where the YEY team set up and ran campaigns on behalf of the community owners.

How to Get Started on YEY

Setting Up Your Community

  1. Log into your YEY account and navigate to the “Community” section.
  2. Click on “Create Community”. Fill in the details like community name, description, and your preferred rules or themes.
  3. Customize your community settings, including community URLs and accessibility options.

The implications of these new features are vast. YEY 1.2 vastly scales the platform’s potential reach by eliminating the need for manual setup. Creators from the Philippines and beyond can now effortlessly set up, manage, and reward their superfans with digital Shiny collectibles and real-life prizes, enabling hassle-free community engagement powered by web3.

YEY empowers creators, games, and brands to create their own exclusive digital collectibles in the form of NFTs called “Shinys.” In this latest release, community owners can now upload their bespoke Shinys for use in community engagement campaigns, both online and on-ground.

Launching Your Own Shiny NFTs

  1. Once your community is set up, go to the “Shinys” section from the main menu.
  2. Select “Create Shiny” to begin crafting your unique NFTs.
  3. Upload your digital artwork, set the NFT parameters, and publish your Shiny for your community to view and trade.

Creating Engaging Campaigns

  1. In your community dashboard, find and click on “Create Campaign”.
  2. Provide details of your campaign, including its objectives, duration, and any specific themes or messages.
  3. Integrate Shiny drops into your campaign, selecting whether they trigger via QR codes or directly from the dashboard.

This feature democratizes creating, managing, and distributing web3-powered digital collectibles, making the technology accessible to a wider range of creators.

Wong emphasizes the significance of this autonomy, stating, “Self-service is not just a feature; it’s a declaration of trust in our users’ capability to innovate and create value for their communities.”

Improved User Experience in YEY 1.2

The new release also brings notable improvements in its design and usability, particularly for mobile users. It simplifies navigation by replacing traditional tabs with a sticky bottom menu for ease of use. The interface has been streamlined by introducing card layouts for key sections.

Special attention has been given to enhancing the user experience in important areas such as the Shinys feature, community and profile pages, and the sidebar. A consistent design across buttons, forms, pop-ups, notifications, and text styles makes the platform more user-friendly and easier to navigate.

Responsive to Trends: Meeting the Needs of the Creator Economy

YEY 1.2 is expected to address a critical need within the creator economy: a platform that understands creators’ unique requirements and provides the tools and autonomy to fulfill them. Upgrading a self-service model means creators can respond faster to trends, audience needs, and creative impulses without being bottlenecked by technical processes or support staff availability.

Moreover, this update is poised to lower the entry barrier to blockchain technology for creators. By simplifying the process and making it more intuitive, BlockchainSpace is catering to a broader spectrum of users, from web3 novices to those who are more tech-savvy. This democratization of access is likely to spur innovation, as more creators can participate without the intimidation of complex technical requirements.

UP NEXT: Data & Analytics. Creators and community owners can look forward to an enhanced monitoring and management feature for our next YEY app update. This new feature will empower creators to navigate their community and campaign dashboards effortlessly, unlocking a wealth of engagement metrics. With these insights, creators can refine their strategies for future campaigns and interactions, fostering thriving communities and achieving greater success.

Empowering Creators: The Future of BlockchainSpace and YEY

Our goal with YEY has always been to put power back into the hands of creators. With version 1.2, we’re not just handing them the tools but stepping back to let them build. This is their platform as much as it is ours.
— Jonathan Wong, Head of Product, BlockchainSpace

The new features in YEY 1.2 are designed to be more than just functional; they’re a testament to BlockchainSpace’s vision for a creator-centric future.

By providing a seamless experience and fostering a sense of ownership, YEY is redefining what it means to be a creator in the digital age. This release sets a new standard for BlockchainSpace and the entire creator economy, signaling a shift towards more inclusive, creator-driven platforms.

With the promise of greater control and ease of use, YEY 1.2 is not just a new release; it’s the next step in the evolution of community management and the creator economy.

➡️ Try out YEY version 1.2 here.

BlockchainSpace has made it clear that they are here to support creators, and with YEY 1.2, they are delivering on that promise. This isn’t just about launching a product; it’s about cultivating a movement where creators are at the forefront, driving innovation and ownership in the digital realm.🤙

Check out our release notes for a comprehensive list of the technical upgrades in YEY V1.2. We’d love to hear from you! For feedback, inquiries, and suggestions, contact the team at hello@yey.tech.

About BlockchainSpace

BlockchainSpace, a Singapore-based Web3 company backed by leading investors, fuses technology and culture to empower diverse communities across Southeast Asia — from gaming and the creator economy to sports, music, and everything in between.

Offering specialized solutions like YEY, Metasports, Creator Circle, and the Guild Partner Program, BlockchainSpace delivers tailor-fit tech solutions that redefine digital engagement and community growth.

$GUILD is the utility token that underpins the entire ecosystem of BlockchainSpace. Beyond building platforms, BlockchainSpace is shaping the future of community-driven digital landscapes.

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