How Community Building Brings People Together in the Bear Market

May 1, 2023

While the bear market can be challenging for Web3, crypto, and NFT projects that took a hit, it also presents a unique opportunity.

By focusing on community building during the bear market, projects can attract and nurture a community of genuine supporters who share the project’s long-term vision.

Unlike the hype-driven bull market, the bear market allows for a more deliberate approach to community building and a chance to differentiate the project from those who are only interested in short-term gains.

“Those who build in the Bear, reap the rewards in the Bull.”

In this article, we’ll deep dive how focusing on the community during difficult times can make or break a Web3 project.

Attract Genuine Community Members

From: Milan Aryal

Most “community members” enter Web3 projects during the height of the bull market where there is excitement and euphoria. During this time, your Discord server pops with so many messages.

When the bear market comes, the community leaves en masse. Who is left?

  • The project core team
  • Those who made friends in the community
  • Members who strongly believe in the project

This strong set of community members, while small, can go a long way in attracting people with similar values. The project foundation becomes built on solid ground and brings in even more high quality members.

“By staying engaged with our community and letting them know that we’ve been working behind the scenes to expand and evolve with the ever-changing Web3 landscape, we continue to attract genuine community members who share our values and long-term vision.”

- Kristine Badon, Community & Growth Lead at BlockchainSpace

At BlockchainSpace (BSPC), we keep our community engaged and continue to grow through strategic acquisitions and partnerships with guilds and games. We recently partnered with High Yield Guild and Raijinshu Guild to create more opportunities for gamers in the blockchain gaming community. Members of High Yield Guild also participated in our War Legend tournament with $7,000 of prizes.

Instill Long-term Confidence

The average length of a bear market is 388 days. Not too long right?

Crypto Memes from Piplum

While it takes just over a year for the market to find the bottom, it can take even longer before the market begins to recover and rise towards all-time highs. The longest bear market during the 2000s dotcom bubble took 929 days and almost a decade for prices to reach all time highs.

There’s no telling how long one could wait.

“Building a strong community during the bear market requires a different approach compared to the bull run. At BlockchainSpace, we understand the importance of supporting our community through difficult times, which is why we incentivize our members with various activities such as game nights, giveaways, and engage-to-earn events.”

- Kristine Badon, Community & Growth Lead at BlockchainSpace

A bear market allows a project to nurture a community with its long-term vision. A solid belief in the project and technology behind it, helps keep people strong during stages of price decline.

Here’s how BlockchainSpace keeps members in-tune with our broad vision:

Internal Developments

We have also kept our Medium blog and Twitter channels up to date to inform our loyal fan base on the developments that have taken place:

Educational Content

Through our weekly Got Guild YouTube show, we educate our community on important topics within Web3 as well as how blockchain technology is shaping our future.

We also maintain a highly active Medium account where we continuously release content to further the knowledge of our community. Read our various informative pieces here:

Generate Interest

As projects continue to build their communities during the bear, this ensures an intact customer base that attracts potential investors and partners.

Most of the biggest crypto and NFT projects from the previous bull market, began during the 2018–2020 bear market and attracted its first set of users and venture capital.

  • Axie Infinity (blockchain game) — initial game release March 2018
  • Avalanche(blockchain platform) — first conceptualized in May 2018
  • Solana — (blockchain platform) — launched to the public March 2020

BlockchainSpace has been building with strong communities and creating partnerships throughout this bear market:

  • Morfyus League inks partnerships with BSPC to empower their community with education and resources to thrive in Web3 — March 2022
  • Hooga Gaming Guild partners with BSPC to promote fairness in the blockchain gaming space — March 2022
  • Valluna Guild joins the BSPC Guild Partner Program — August 2022
  • Jobancom (Philippine-based digital tech strategy company for E-Sports) — April 2023

We continue to remain on the lookout for potential partnerships and acquisitions.

To End

There is an opportunity amidst every crisis. Strong projects continue building during the bear and double down on their communities.

Make sure to check out Metasports that has their customers locked-in too and engaged during these difficult times.

About BlockchainSpace

BlockchainSpace empowers web3 communities to scale through its innovative solutions and products for guild leaders, gamers, creators, and everyone in between.

Our flagship product, GuildHub, helps guilds and creators build, manage, and reward engaged communities.

BlockchainSpace also offers data and infrastructure, tooling and automation systems, and bridges to financial services. Backed by big names in web3, the team is dedicated to helping partners maximize their community’s potential.

To date, we have been enabling more than 26,000 guilds and 4 million+ players worldwide to unlock a better and more connected new world.

Get updated on our latest product releases, events, and more:

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