Into the Circle — YellowPantherX: Hunger, Consistency, Right Mindset, Perseverance

June 28, 2023

Into the Circle is an initiative by BlockchainSpace’s Creator Circle to highlight amazing content creators in the program and give insights into their personal journeys. Learn from their best practices and get a sneak peek into what’s going on behind the creative process.

For the very first edition, BlockchainSpace chose YellowPantherX, one of the Creator Circle’s’ top creator partners. If you’re heavily into Web3 gaming, then he is a must follow.

YellowPantherX, from his official Twitter account

Through his various social media platforms, specifically on Youtube, Discord, and Twitch, viewers can find him streaming and discussing various blockchain games and concepts. In addition, he is the marketing lead for Tales of Elleria, a role-playing game built on Arbitrum.

He was kind enough to grant BlockchainSpace an exclusive interview.

Hunger, Consistency, Right Mindset, Perseverance

Can you briefly explain your background as a content creator?

I major in finance and my family was very business minded. So, being a content creator was never in the picture. But I used to make lots of dancing videos on Instagram and TikTok when I was in high school and college. That was my first experience in making “content.” I used what I learned and applied it to my gaming content and fast forward 2 years later, I have more than 90k followers on Twitter.

What got you interested in e-sports, and its potential for content creation?

For e-sports, I played a lot of League of Legends back in high school and even competed in tournaments. I watch a lot of SKT T1, Faker,and MadLife in League tournaments too. Now, we are at a very interesting position where we see blockchain and e-sports intersecting each other. The next 5 years will be important for gaming as a whole.

What challenges do you face as a content creator?

Consistency and covering all social platforms. It is hard to make it on one platform, let alone managing so many social medias. Each social platform has different growth strategies too.

YellowPantherX with a cosplayer, at CONQuest 2023

How do you ensure your content is engaging and informative for both technical and non-technical audiences?

Like I have mentioned, different social medias require different strategies to keep different audiences engaged. I would learn and consume a lot of information via videos, threads and so on to keep myself updated to the latest algorithm change and apply it to my work.

Describe a challenging topic/video you worked on as a content creator and how you overcame it.

I remembered I struggled with my identity last year because there was an NFT bull run and gaming was not as hot in trend. I tried to fit into the NFT space by tweeting about NFT and giveaways. I lost myself in the process. I asked myself, “why did I start my account?” and it was because of gaming. Since then, I started focusing on my niche in gaming and found success in making great gaming content. Through that experience, I have many connections and friends in both the NFT and gaming space.

What do you consider as the biggest win of your career so far?

Being able to work with amazing people on a daily basis, traveling because of gaming, getting paid opportunities because of gaming. This is a blessing. Shout out to my parents for supporting me. RIP to my mom as well.

YellowPantherX with the Dimensionals team

What key qualities or skills make a successful content creator, and how do you embody them?

Hunger, Consistency, Right Mindset, Perseverance. Since [I was] young, my parents taught me a lot about discipline, and I think because of that, I was able to gain many great qualities growing up.

What do you enjoy the most about your career?

Being able to work for my brand, anytime and anywhere in the world. Being able to play games and make content for a living is still surreal to me. This is why I work harder than ever before.

Any advice for aspiring content creators?

Make sure to love what you are doing. If you don’t enjoy it, it is very hard for you to pull through during the hard days. Be consistent and always learn from others, until today I am still learning and trying new things. Don’t be afraid to be yourself, people like that!

While YellowPantherX did not initially plan to become a content creator, by trying new things such as IG and Tiktok and observing new industries like e-sports and blockchain, he discovered this career. Now, he’s working on his dream, traveling around the globe, and making a living out of playing games.

Being a content creator is not easy. You’ll have to stay consistent and experiment what works well for your audience and social media channels. There will also be times when you question what you do. But if you love what you do and persevere, you can achieve your dreams too.

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