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March 26, 2023

In 2022, blockchain analysis firm Chainalysis placed three South East Asian countries in the top 10 of the Global Crypto Adoption Index. Vietnam ranked 1st, the Philippines placed 2nd, while Indonesia came in 8th. The region has continuously become more comfortable with centralized exchanges, non-fungible tokens, and of course the unforgettable blockchain gaming world such as Axie Infinity. Alongside this, Web3 content creators have stepped in to educate their fellow citizens and further adoption.

For this article, we’ve researched and collated Web3 content creators that are worth a follow. We’ve looked at their backstory as well as their contributions in the industry so far.

Patty Tiu

Originally from the party scene, Patty Tiu had worked as a DJ for over a decade before retiring in early 2023 to focus on her health. While many party goers will miss her beats, Web3 participants will see her more often.

Under Tier One Entertainment’s incubator program — ALLIANCE, Ms. Tiu will hone her skills and grow her audience as a Web3 content creator. Aside from this, Patty heads communications and partnerships at local blockchain companies SurgePay and Nekoin Protocol.

Patty also remains highly active in promoting women in the Web3 space. As part of Filipinas NFT, she joins other Filipina creators and artists in the industry.

Learn what Patty Tiu is up to on Twitter.

Myrtle Ann Ramos

In recent years, Myrtle rose to prominence as the founder and CEO of Block Tides and Placewar.

Block Tides provides marketing and public relations services to Web3 industries as well as Artificial Intelligence and Information of Things. Meanwhile, Placewar is a blockchain gaming project focused on player-battle tanks. The project raised $1.8M in a private funding round in 2021.

Aside from managing these two projects, Myrtle is highly active as a Web3 content creator and is frequently seen hosting Twitter Spaces as well as guesting on various blockchain webinars. She’s also a regular face in local and regional Web3 events.

Join the Block Tides community on Facebook and be informed on the various events in Web3.

Patrick Dang

Known as The Parallax in the NFT space, started his Web3 content creator career in late 2021. Through his free Discord and Youtube channel, he educated many NFT beginners. He also offered free whitelist collaborations and held Ask-Me-Anythings (AMAs) for his community members.

After growing his following, Patrick launched his own NFT collection titled The Parallax Genesis which sold out its initial 777 mint supply. Holders are entitled to exclusive collaborations within his Discord group.

Patrick continues to remain active today and covers major NFT and cryptocurrency news on his Youtube.

Watch his videos here.

Kookoo Crypto TV

When Axie Infinity boomed in 2021, Kookoo became the Philippine face of blockchain gaming. Many people watched the Nas Daily Youtube video about Kookoo’s millionaire journey as an Axie breeder and player.

Despite the bear market, Kookoo continues his passion and advocacy for Web3 games as a community manager for Yield Guild Games.

Lately, Kookoo signed as one of the first creator partners of Metasports (a BlockchainSpace company) and maintains his popular Youtube channel where he educates Filipinos on Web3.

You can follow Kookoo through his Twitter.


YellowPantherX is Metasports’ latest creator partner. If you’re heavily into Web3 gaming, then he brings a lot to the table.

Through his various social media channels such as Youtube, Discord, and Twitch, viewers can find him streaming and discussing various blockchain games. As an active Web3 content creator, YellowPantherX has collaborated with the Treasure Dao ecosystem as well as AAA games such as Illuvium. In addition, he is the marketing lead for Tales of Elleria.

Subscribe to YellowPantherX on Twitch!

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